Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The Peninsula Heights Series started with ITS COMPLICATED. Pete Letouche, the local police chief’s son, and Mitch Ravello first met as teenagers. Rumors linking Mitch’s father to shakedowns and loan-sharking prevented anything more than a one-night stand. When they meet again years later the feelings are still there and so are the rumors. They want to be together, but what will it do to Pete’s brand new business if people believe Mitch is connected to organized crime?


In LOOKING FOR ANSWERS Chief Letouche, Pete’s dad, hires local private investigator, Marcus D’Angelo, to put a stop to the rumors. With Mitch’s father in a coma following a major heart attack the rumors should have ceased. Instead they’ve developed new legs. Someone called the police and said Mitch has taken over business from his father. With the help of his boyfriend, Jake Reilly, Marcus investigates and comes up with what he thinks is the truth. Or is it? What he’s been told amounts to little more than hearsay which may or may not be true.


Now discover what happens when Marcus decides on a new approach to:

FINDING THE TRUTH to be released by Amber Allure on April 5, 2015.


Cool mysteries and hot romance -
Latest Release: OH, WHAT A KNIGHT -
Coming soon from Amber Allure: The Replacement – May 10, 2015. 


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