Thursday, April 2, 2015

A-Z BLOG - Day 2 - B is for BAD BOY BLUES

Day 2 is B – A-Z Blog Challenge

B is for Bad Boys like Billy in BAD BOY BLUES

This is one from my backlist that holds a special place in my heart.

Billy Duval and Sharon Lee Parker were teenage lovers—until Sharon went off to college and Billy’s disregard for the law earned him a four-year sentence in the Federal penitentiary. They haven’t seen one another in more than ten years, but now Sharon’s back home for his sister’s wedding.

She still loves Billy and she figures he still loves her, but Billy’s trouble personified. He’s an ex-con who likes to walk on the wild side and, according to rumor, tried to outrun the law in a stolen car as recently as a few months ago. There’s no way Sharon will give up a good job and a nice safe life for a man like that.

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  1. oh wow! I wonder how you got a HFN or HEA out of such a premise :) sounds great

  2. Bad boys are magnets. Love 'em!

  3. I confess to being a little over bad boys after overdosing on New Adult romances but I also can't resist them.

    Jenna Howard
    Oh those naughty words...

  4. Joelle, KC, and Jenna: Thanks for the nice comments. I think what attracts us to those bad boys is that even the worst of them have at least one good, redeeming feature.