Tuesday, April 14, 2015


L is for the Line of Least Resistance also known as The Easy Way or The Shortcut. It’s a road we all take at one time or another. Perhaps out of necessity due to shortage of time or tiredness, or perhaps we’re just downright lazy. Whatever our excuse, unlike the pioneers who had to make everything themselves including their own soap, almost everything we need or want nowadays is available pre-packaged, canned, frozen, or there’s someone at the other end of the phone willing to deliver it to our door. 

And then there are those times when we accept the first answer we’re given instead of digging that little bit deeper for the real truth, like what happened to Marcus in:



By Christiane France


When P.I. Marcus D’Angelo is asked to investigate the rumors of shakedowns and extortion in Little Italy involving Sal Ravello, he enlists the help of new neighbor and unemployed news reporter, Jake Reilly. Peninsula Heights has never had a problem with organized crime and Marcus doubts they have one now. He figures it’s most likely a falling out among friends that’s turned into an old-fashioned vendetta.

But whatever the cause, it’s the perfect opportunity for Marcus to find out if the attraction he feels for Jake is mutual or merely wishful thinking on his part.

Finding The Truth, the sequel to Looking For Answers, was released by www.amberquill.com on April 5, 2015, and was showcased on Day 6 of the A-Z Blog.


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  1. They were talking about the same thing this morning in reference to Little House on the Prairie, the differences between their problems and the problems we have today with the little things. For instance back then when asked what did you do for a living, the answer would have been survival. Just think it used to take the entire day to make dinner, now we can get it done in 20 minutes (sometimes less) with modern appliances.