Thursday, April 9, 2015


Day 8 is H – A-Z Blog Challenge


H is for Hope.

We all need Hope. From those at the top of the heap who Hope nothing will happen to rock their secure lifestyle, to those at the bottom who never stop hoping things will somehow change for the better.

Hoping about things big, small, sometimes serious, and sometimes just life in general, is what gets us through the day. Will this or that happen? Will I have time to do everything I need to do today? Will I be able to finish what I should have finished an hour ago?

As a writer, I Hope I can get from page one to THE END and meet my deadline. I then have to Hope I can come up with a new plot, or a new twist on an old theme. But, as I once heard a famous writer say, when I do need a new idea, I Hope I get just one and not two.

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  1. Very true, Christiane! It's better to have one idea at a time. I have too many. You were the one who once told me to save something for the next book. I tend to get carried away. Can't help myself I guess. The strange thing is people in my life are always telling me their ideas but I have too many to write myself. My brother-in-law actually had a good idea about a book he wants to write "one day" and I hope he gets to do that himself.