Monday, April 27, 2015


Day 23 is W – A-Z Blog Challenge 

W is for Walking 

I love to walk. I’ve walked for miles around London, Paris, Rome, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto, and a million other places large and small. There’s something so special about walking as opposed to driving. If you’re in a vehicle, you can’t stop and smell the flowers or investigate whatever interesting item catches your eye. On foot, you can do all these things and more. You can investigate that intriguing little side street which you’d probably never find again if you had to look for a spot to park; check out that gorgeous dress in a store window; or follow the delightful aromas into a tiny café you’d never have noticed if you weren’t on foot. One rainy morning I was on a bus in Montreal on my way to work. It was stop and go traffic, probably slower than if I had walked, but I happened to notice a sofa and chair in a store window. I couldn’t get off the bus, but I spent my lunch hour retracing the route until I found the store. Yes, I bought the sofa and the chair and I still have them now.


After Griffin Andrews loses his job, the only way to the nearest town is by foot. It wouldn't have been a problem if he'd been wearing the right shoes. Unfortunately, he wasn’t.


By Christiane France
A Peninsula Heights story and part of the KNIGHT MOVES AmberPax 


Following the death of his employer, Harvey St. Onge—a local gay man with a reputation for attracting handsome young men and throwing wild parties at his country estate—Griffin Andrews is literally on the outside looking in. Harv had promised to take care of Griff, but when the lawyer shows up and Griff is paid off and shown the door with the rest of the staff, he figures Harv “forgot” his promise. Griff may be stuck in the country, miles from anywhere with no transportation and no proof of Harv’s promise, but he’s a survivor. He packs what he can carry and starts walking.

Partway into his journey another motorist stops and offers Griff a lift. Shane Walker says he’s just going as far as Peninsula Heights. But by the time they get there, Griff’s life has done a fast one-eighty. He has a new friend, the promise of a job, and a place to stay. It all sounds good. Maybe too good to be true?
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  1. Love the cover! Walking isn't something I do a lot of for exercise or relaxation.

    J.L. Campbell | A-Z Co-Host