Thursday, April 23, 2015


T is for Trains.

Marylebone Station, London, UK

Although I haven’t been on a train in a while, I love train travel. I once got on a train in London’s Victoria Station made a couple of changes in Paris and Rome and ended up in Naples. Then there was the one from Malaga where I changed in Madrid for the night train to Paris. On the way the train was struck by lightning. Scared everyone silly and one man had a heart attack. When we finally arrived in Paris I couldn’t get a hotel in Paris so I continued on to London. I’ve traveled on slow steam trains, fast trains, metro/underground trains, and on the TGV which whisked me from Avignon to Marseille in almost the blink of an eye. I’ve also taken the Chunnel from London to Paris. Instead of what used to be a whole day’s journey, you now step on the train in London and a little more than two hours later you’re in Paris. It’s so fast you don’t even realize you’ve spent twenty minutes under the English Channel until you’re on the other side, enjoying the French countryside.

And then there was the time I was on a Swiss train when it got stuck half way down a mountain that was so steep the train was almost standing on its nose. 


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