Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Day 7 is G – A-Z Blog Challenge

G is for Ghosts. I love ghost stories and fellow author KC Kendricks and I co-wrote one that was released last Fall. Michael and Colin's story overflowed into a second book that's nearing completion and there's a third in the planning stages. 


By KC Kendricks and Christiane France

Michael Brooks has it all mapped out. The market is ripe for him to flip a few houses to supplement his income as an untenured professor at the local college. His plan takes a detour, however, when he finds a two-story Colonial perfect for a Bed & Breakfast—with a ghost who wears denim.
Deputy Colin Jefferson is a hometown boy who made good. As a member of the local police force, he serves the community he loves. He’s heard stories about the Taylor Mansion ghost all his life. Maybe he’s even seen it a time or two, he admits to himself, if he truly believed in that sort of thing.

But now Colin has to believe when the ghost pays a visit and Michael asks for his help. Will the men be able to solve the mansion’s ghost problem even as they’re driven into each other’s arms, not out of fear, but out of intense mutual desire?
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  1. I too love ghost stories. As you know, I have my very own series I'm writing. Your Michael and Colin's books sound interesting. Good luck!