Friday, April 17, 2015


Day 15 is O – A-Z Blog Challenge 

O is for the Orange Condiment I make that tastes great in cookies and cakes. It also adds an exotic touch to a sauce for roasted chicken. Here is what you do: 

Thinly peel 1-2 oranges and put the peel into a saucepan containing cold water and 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, or enough to make a thin syrup. Bring to the boil, then lower heat to simmer and continue cooking until the peel is soft. Remove peel from syrup, discard syrup and place peel in food processor. Process peel until finely ground, then put it in a screw-top glass jar, cover with brandy, stir to distribute the brandy, then cover with the lid, make certain it’s on tight, and store in a dry, dark cupboard. DO NOT REFRIGERATE AS THIS WILL KILL THE FLAVOR.

O is also for ONE PERFECT NIGHT, part of my London Calling Series:


One Perfect Night
by Christiane France

Paul knew Nico was special the moment they exchanged that first glance at Termini station in Rome late one hot summer afternoon. And when it was announced their train had been cancelled and travel suspended until further notice, they explored their feelings over dinner and spent one perfect night of passion in a nearby hotel.

Early next morning, when Nico found a flight cancellation and took off, all Paul knew was his first name.

Two years later, Paul hasn’t forgotten Nico, and when they meet again at another train station in London, the chemistry is still there. Nico believes Fate brought them together, and is ready to close his eyes and jump into a relationship. Paul believes they need to be sensible, to first check the water and then take it one step at a time.


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