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March 28, 2015:

The Butterfly Girl was my first erotic romance for Amber Heat, and my husband says it’s still his favorite. It’s a paranormal romance set on an island in Ontario’s cottage country.  

For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from THE BUTTERFLY GIRL.


By Christiane France


Tim Braiden needs somewhere quiet to finish his latest book and, hopefully, get back into his editor's good graces. Somewhere as far from the party scene and his drinking buddies as possible. A cottage on an uninhabited island set in the middle of a remote lake appears to be the perfect answer to his problem—until he arrives on the island and meets sexy, Marigold Fraser, a wildlife artist who specializes in paintings of Monarch butterflies. From the moment they meet, Tim knows Marigold is no ordinary girl. Marigold is special, magical, every man's ideal woman, who quickly takes over his dreams, his life, and finally his heart.

^ ^ ^

The woman took a small step toward him, and Tim took a small step back. This was a Canadian lake, not the sea. The woman took another tiny step forward. He’d never heard of a lake siren, but that wasn’t to say they didn’t exist. In these days of equal opportunity, anything was possible. He glanced up and down both sides of the triangular-shaped beach. “You have a boat here somewhere?”

“A friend brought me over.” She checked her watch. “He was supposed to come back and get me more than an hour ago.” She gave a soft, sexy laugh that sent Tim’s temperature up a couple of degrees and caused his stomach muscles to spasm.

He didn’t know the woman’s name. He didn’t have a clue who or what she was. He didn’t care about the details. His penis was pressing hard against the metal zipper of his jeans, and all he could think about was how much he wanted her—more than he could remember ever wanting a woman before.

He desperately wanted to see what she was hiding beneath that dress—slip the straps off her shoulders, move the fabric slowly down her body so he could suckle her breasts, kiss her silky flesh then lay down with her on the warm sand and expose her secrets to his searching mouth. She’d be so wet, he’d—

She continued to look at him and smile, her eyes issuing an invitation he couldn’t miss. But then she lowered her eyelashes and, for one crazy instant, Tim was tempted to put his thoughts into action while he had the chance. She looked soft, enticing and so very, very willing, with the kind of legs that went on forever. She’d wind those legs around his waist and hold him prisoner while he—

“Hey, look. I think that’s Ben coming now,” she said, pointing to the lake and jerking Tim out of his X-rated daydream. “See that boat out there?”

Tim couldn’t see a thing. He didn’t want to see anything. His head was churning with images and feelings that were way out, even for him. He wanted to taste her and bring her to the edge, and hold her there. Drive her wild with the same needs he felt himself, and when she was really ready, he’d—

^ ^ ^

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