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February 28, 2015: 

There’s something just a little bit naughty and a whole lot delicious about a teacher and a mature student. They’re both above the the age of consent and can do whatever they want—except there are these old taboos about teachers and students and older women and younger men.

So for this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT.

By Christiane France


As far as English teacher, Maddy Anderson, was concerned, her relationship with post-grad student, Ty Jarrett, was perfectly proper in every way. She was helping Ty get his book ready for publication out of the goodness of her heart and that was all.

Maddy’s best friend, Karen, and Karen’s bank manager husband, Dennis, and some of their friends, however, viewed the relationship in a whole different light. It didn’t matter to them that Maddy and Ty were both over twenty-one, unattached and free to do whatever they pleased. In their opinion, any teacher and student relationship was dead wrong, and spending long hours alone at the teacher’s house was the worst—an unhealthy situation that just begged to be talked about...

 ^ ^ ^

Maddy felt a tiny frisson of excitement zigzag down her body to the sensitive spot between her legs. “Leave on what? My clothes or the lights?”

His knowing, sexy smile made her shiver. He knew exactly what he was doing to her, and exactly how much she enjoyed knowing that he knew.

“The lights. I want to watch you take off your clothes. Do it slow. Okay?”

Getting off the sofa, she crossed her arms and started to lift the hem of her sweater, then stopped. “I can’t. I’ve never done this before. I feel so silly.”

“Do it for me, babe. Please?”

He began to hum an old melody Maddy had always associated with striptease, and as she began to sway to the music, he held her gaze while she crossed her arms again and gradually removed her sweater one tiny inch at a time. When the sweater was gone, she tried to bump and grind her way out of her jeans, the way she’d seen an entertainer do in a nightclub. But what that woman had made look smooth and easy was impossible for Maddy. She’d forgotten to take her shoes off first, and she’d ended up in a heap on the floor, laughing like a fool and pulling her jeans off in the usual way.

“Come here,” Ty instructed, taking her hand and pulling her up beside him on the sofa. “Put one knee on either side of me like this. Okay?” Once he had her positioned the way he wanted, he said softly, “Now the bra.”

 ^ ^ ^

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