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November 29, 2014: 

The theme for this week’s MySexySaturday is Sexy Down The Avenue—a little glimpse of romance a hundred or more years ago. The seven paragraphs below are from A TASTE OF HONEY in which the Marquis de Vernnay does the unthinkable by falling for the lowest, most humble of servants and in the process discovers his true sexuality.


By Christiane France


This is the final story in a trilogy that started with TIME SHIFT and was followed by FAST FORWARD. Here we find out what happened to Antoine, the Marquis de Vernnay, after Mariette and Celeste disappeared.

Antoine Auguste, Marquis de Vernnay, is twenty-four and bored. Bored with women at the house he frequents on la rue Charles V, and bored with the elaborate rituals and devices he must use in order to achieve an orgasm.

But then he meets Honey at an exclusive men’s club, and has his first sexual experience with another man.

One taste of this beautiful, young creole man with the golden skin and Antoine's life is forever changed. Honey is the only person he can think about and the only person he wants. Honey, however, is a servant of the lowest class, and also the property of another man. Can Antoine discover a way he can separate the two and keep Honey all to himself?

^ ^ ^

…once inside the chamber, Antoine felt the first fluttering of panic. He was shaking, he felt sick, dizzy, and he needed to leave. Now. He had no idea what had possessed him to take such a dangerous step as coming to a place like this. Even worse, he could not imagine what was about to happen to him now. Whatever it was, he’d lost his nerve. He just wanted to go home to his boring, unsatisfying life. He…

“Calm down,” Honey murmured, his magic fingers dipping into Antoine’s breeches and extracting his now-shriveled cock. “Give me a second to turn this little man back into a big brave soldier again, and you’ll feel much better. You’ll see.”

Along with his warm, golden skin and delicious scent, Honey had a soft, singsong accent when he spoke that intrigued Antoine. “Where are you from?”

“I am a Creole from the Antilles. The beautiful island of Martinique in the blue Caribbean Sea. My previous master was a ship’s captain, and I was his cabin boy. Unfortunately, the captain lost me to another man in a game of cards here in Paris.”

As he spoke, he dropped to his knees and took Antoine into his mouth. The moment Antoine felt the warm, wet, velvety texture of Honey’s tongue wrapping itself around his dick, he began to grow hard again. From that moment on, he was lost as the world spun faster on its axis, and everything became dreamlike and unreal.

He didn’t protest when Honey removed all their garments and pulled him down beside him on the bed, or when Honey kissed him, and their tongues engaged in the most delightfully erotic dance imaginable. And when Honey asked if Antoine would like to suck his cock, he hesitated for no more than a second before he complied.

However, Antoine did experience a tiny surge of doubt when Honey positioned him on all fours on the floor. And a slightly bigger surge when Honey spread his ass cheeks, and he felt Honey insert the head of his cock in his hole and begin to push.

^ ^ ^

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