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September 6, 2014:
For this week’s MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from The Impossible Dream.
I fall in love with all my male characters, but Theo and Stef have something so special going on they even amazed me. They go together like strawberries and cream, or peanut butter and jelly, or…or… They are so in love, so much two halves of a whole, I can actually imagine one of them saying to the other that famous Robert Browning line, “Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.”

By Christiane France
Contemporary m/m gay
Theo Keen always dreamed of strutting his stuff from behind the footlights, either as a high fashion model or an actor. He’s taken modeling courses and acting lessons, but a case of seemingly incurable stage fright has prevented Theo from realizing his dream. Until one cold, snowy February afternoon Theo is helping his brother, Lance, with the annual Mardi Gras Ball and Fashion Show and an emergency arises--both volunteer male models have cancelled at the last minute and this year’s designer is an up and coming celebrity. With show time only an hour or two away, it’s too late to find replacements, and Lance is in a panic. Theo is the only person who can save the night, so Lance tells him to forget the feeble excuses and just do it.
Theo can’t just do it. He’s spent years of counseling and therapy trying to overcome his problem, but that hasn’t happened and he doubts it ever will. But then the designer, Stefano Spadifora, comes into the dressing room where Theo is working and Theo’s life does a complete one eighty. Suddenly the impossible becomes possible and Theo senses that after tonight, nothing about his life will ever be the same.
^ ^ ^
The cool touch of Stef’s hands as he separated Theo’s butt cheeks and the heated wetness of his tongue as it moved down his crack were all the foreplay Theo needed. He was shaking with anticipation, ready to shoot his load without further encouragement.
Then Stef backed off. Wrapping his arms around Theo’s waist, he began rimming his ear with his tongue while his hands took possession of Theo’s cock. “It feels so good like this. The two of us together, I mean.”
“For me, too. But…” Theo sucked in a breath as Stef’s clever fingers gripped the base of his dick, holding him firmly on the edge while he proceeded to caress his balls.
“But what? You want me to hurry up?”
“No. I’d much prefer it if we could just take our time. We have all night, so there’s no reason to hurry. I…umm…I just wish you didn’t live so far away.”
If he was honest, Stef wished the same thing. He already knew what he felt for Theo wasn’t going to be satisfied with one quick fuck or even one whole night together. However, with the future of his business in jeopardy, his personal life had to take a backseat—at least until the trip to Europe was over and he could assess the potential outcome.
As Theo’s butt nudged against his belly, however, Stef pushed his business worries away, determined to concentrate on the here and the now. It wasn’t often he met someone who attracted him the way Theo did—someone who had the ability to make him think of caring and sharing, rather than basic sexual needs and getting his rocks off asap in some dark corner. He tried to imagine what it would be like, living here in this house with Theo and his cats. Would they get along okay or would they fight? And if they fought would they have the greatest time later making up?
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