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August 23, 2014: 
This week’s MySexySaturday is to find out what happened after THE END. It’s Complicated ( the first book in my Peninsula Heights series, ended with what seems to be an unsolvable mystery. Then Pete’s father stepped in and hired Private Investigator Marcus D’Angelo. Below are 7 paragraphs from:
By Christiane France
When P.I. Marcus D’Angelo is asked to investigate the rumors of shakedowns and extortion in Little Italy involving Sal Ravello, he enlists the help of new neighbor and unemployed news reporter, Jake Reilly. Peninsula Heights has never had a problem with organized crime and Marcus doubts they have one now. He figures it’s most likely a falling out among friends that’s turned into an old-fashioned vendetta.
But whatever the cause, it’s the perfect opportunity for Marcus to find out if the attraction he feels for Jake is mutual or merely wishful thinking on his part.
^ ^ ^
...“I know everyone seems to believe whatever started it is a deep dark secret. I’m not so sure. I figure it’s impossible to keep anything completely secret this long with that many involved. Other people get curious, they ask questions, and if they really want to know, they usually find out.”
“Or at the very least hazard a guess that could be spot on or way off base.”
“That, too. And after all this time who’s to say what’s the real truth and what some believe is the truth?”
The stove timer chose that moment to buzz. Jake got to his feet and headed off to deal with it. “Food’s ready,” he announced a moment or two later. “Let’s eat before it spoils. We can talk more about this later.”
I finished the rest of my wine. Then, taking the empty glass with me, I followed him into the kitchen where I saw the table was already set for two.
He looked up from what he was doing and smiled. “The wine is in the fridge if you’d care to do the honors.”
After I refilled our glasses, I joined Jake at the counter where he was carving the chicken. What with the sexy looks he’d been sending my way and the tension that had been building since the day we first met by the elevator, I was more than ready for a little action. This was what I wanted, what I intended to have. And since one of us had to make the first move, I gave into temptation and ran a hand slowly over his ass.
^ ^ ^
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  1. Great snip for My Sexy Saturday #MSS56. Keep up the good work!