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July 26, 2014:
Congrats and big thanks to Lynn, her minions, the authors and everyone involved in making this wonderful blog hop happen. Happy Anniversary to all!  
For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from INDEPENDENCE DAY 2—an m/m contemporary. Nick knows he has to let the past go and move on. He also knows bridging that gap won’t be easy, that is until his new friend and boss, Trip, finally reveals something about himself Nick had only suspected.
By Christiane France
(Part of the It Happened In Las Vegas series and the sequel to Independence Day...)
When Nick Gregorio’s former lover, Al Martinsen, came to Vegas wanting to make up, Nick was prepared to listen. For Nick, however, returning to their hometown to resume playing second fiddle to Al’s ambitions was not an option, and he suggested Al move to Vegas permanently.
Now, six weeks have passed with no word from Al, and Nick doesn’t know what to think. Is Al still considering moving to Vegas, or does his silence say it all? When Nick finally receives news about Al, it sends him reeling with shock, anger and total despair. He knew Al had allowed ambition to dominate his life, but even he found it hard to believe Al would go so far as to commit the ultimate betrayal. There’s no going back for either of them now.
In desperation, Nick looks for temporary oblivion in the form of a night out that turns nasty and violent. Fortunately for Nick, his new friend and boss, Trip Browning, comes to his aid. With Trip’s support, Nick is able to resume work planning the gala opening of The Neapolitan’s newest restaurant. That is, until Trip delivers a surprise of his own and sends Nick’s world spinning in a whole different direction...
                                                  ^ ^ ^
As the door closed behind Silvia, Nick let out his breath in a rush, grabbed Trip and waltzed him around the room. “She liked them. In fact, I think she loved them. This is so totally fantastic because I was terrified she would hate them all, and in that case I would have been totally screwed because I—”
Nick’s flow of words ceased abruptly as Trip’s arms tightened around his body and then the hot, moist heat of Trip’s mouth brushed softly against his lips. Unable to move, Nick closed his eyes, savoring the magic of Trip’s embrace. He could feel his heart thudding against his ribs and the blood pulsing in his veins. He could also feel Trip’s heat and smell his scent, but he didn’t know what to do or even what to think. Okay, so it was something he’d secretly wondered about and hoped for. Now, it appeared what he’d suspected about Trip was true.
But why hadn’t Trip made a move before now? Nick tried to pull free to ask, but Trip held firm, one hand cupping the back of Nick’s head, while his tongue slipped into Nick’s mouth, gently at first, seeking, exploring. As the kiss became more passionate, Nick knew he didn’t want it to stop. He wanted—
As suddenly as it had begun, the moment was over. Trip released his hold on Nick and stepped back, his face flushed and his expression confused. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I had no right. It’s too soon. You need time to recover, time to heal and put the past behind you. Forgive me, I—”
Before Nick could collect his thoughts and say he didn’t want or need an apology, Trip had abruptly stopped speaking, wrenched opened the door and rushed out, leaving Nick on his own.
Nick took a deep breath and touched his mouth with the tips of his fingers. He let the breath out slowly. Oh, man! Trip had kissed him. A real, honest-to-goodness, lots of tongue involved, French kiss. It had been so damned good, he hadn’t wanted it to end. He’d wanted it to continue on all the way to its natural conclusion. He’d been ready to rip off his clothes, go down on his knees…
Trouble was it had all happened too fast, and ended much too quickly. Now, he could hardly believe it had happened at all. But it had. Trip had kissed him. It hadn’t been a dream or his imagination. It had happened. He closed his eyes, trying to relive the moment. He wanted to chase after Trip, ask him why he’d rushed off like that. He wanted to feel Trip’s arms around him again. He wanted to feel his mouth, his hands…
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July 12, 2014:
For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from FAST FORWARD—an m/m/f time travel. When Celeste followed her mistress through the secret door she had no idea her life would be completely transformed. With no way back to what she knew, all Celeste could do was follow her mother’s advice: Listen, learn to fit in and then adapt to change. 
Fast Forward
by Christiane France

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-438-9 (Electronic)
Sequel to Time Shift...
From lady’s maid to the life of her dreams in one small jump...
In France, Celeste Rousseau knows she’ll be punished for allowing her mistress to escape the amorous intentions of the sexually depraved Marquis de Vernnay. So when Mariette opens a mysterious hidden door and goes through, Celeste, fearful of her fate and seeking escape, blindly follows along.
She has no idea, however, that the door is actually a portal in time, or that she’s about to be transported 250 years into the future and straight into the loving arms of two handsome and sexy twenty-first-century hunks who are more than willing to provide her with everything she’s ever desired.
                                                  ^ ^ ^
Both men were completely naked and still fully aroused. And while it was clear the second man hadn’t finished what he’d started, she was glad to see her unexpected arrival had done nothing to spoil his pleasure…except perhaps delay it for a moment. And perhaps enhance it, too?
“You want to join us?”
Celeste hesitated. “I’m sorry. I’m afraid I interrupted. If you wish, I can leave. Or I can wait here until you finish.”
“You don’t want to join us?” Tay sounded disappointed.
“I think this little chickadee likes to watch,” the second man said with a chuckle. “Hey, Celeste, I’m Jase, Tay’s partner. Tay’s told me about you.” He patted a corner of the huge bed. “Why you don’t you make yourself comfortable over here? Slip under the blankets, and when we’re finished, we’ll see what we can do about warming you up. Sound good?”
It sounded better than good to Celeste. She could hardly wait. But she merely smiled and nodded, and did as the second man bade her, sitting down on a corner of the bed and covering herself with part of the blanket.
The man who called himself Jase appeared to have already forgotten about her as he returned his attention to stroking Tay’s body and sucking him off. But as her hand crept below her shirt again, she noticed Tay was watching her watch the two of them. And when he winked at her, she knew he’d guessed exactly where her fingers were and what they were doing.
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July 5, 2014: 
I mostly write m/m erotic romance, but for this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from A MOMENT OF MADNESS where my kick-ass heroine Jenny is more than a match for Andy Mulligan, formerly a member of British Special Services.
By Christiane France
Jenny Romano is fairly sure her boyfriend, Steve, has found someone new. But rather than sit around agonizing, she follows him to his lakeside cottage, determined to find out for sure.
Instead of finding Steve in flagrante delicto with a curvy new chick, she finds his dead body in the bedroom, and the body of a woman on the patio. Before she can recover from the shock, she’s attacked from behind by a man with arms of steel and a body like a mountain, and there’s a gun sticking in her ribs.
Convincing her attacker she isn’t the killer is easy, once he realizes she’s holding a flashlight and not a gun. But then the real killers come back, and Jenny and her newfound friend, Andy Mulligan, ex-British Special Forces turned retrieval expert, find themselves outnumbered and on the run.
According to Andy, Steve was trying to dispose of a valuable piece of stolen property that Andy has been trying to locate for months. It’s the statue of a golden horse encrusted with diamonds and emeralds that’s believed to be of Inca origin and reputedly worth millions. If the killers don’t find the statue at the lakeside cottage, they’ll be coming after Jenny next.
And Andy is the only person standing between Jenny and what she already knows will be a very unpleasant fate...
^ ^ ^
“It’s okay.” Instead of pushing him away, she wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her face against the front of his sweatshirt, inhaling his woodsy, male scent. Hugging Andy was like hugging a linebacker, dressed for action on the field. But Andy’s size wasn’t the result of protective padding and that was fine with her. She liked big men. Nothing like a couple of hundred pounds plus of solid, warm male to take a girl’s mind off her problems and make her feel safe.
Except safe and secure wasn’t all Jenny was feeling at the moment. She also felt…turned on?
She pressed her face harder against his broad chest and tried to clear her mind and put whatever it was she was feeling on hold. Her lover had been gunned down less than an hour ago, his body was lying just a few hundred yards away, and she wanted to have sex with a stranger? It just wasn’t possible. It was sick…disgusting. Especially when what she was feeling was good old-fashioned lust, rather than the reassurance of contact with another live human being.
Her fingers slid under his shirt, and she felt his hold tighten a little as she moved them slowly up his back. His skin felt smooth and warm, and she had the craziest urge to push his shirt up and let her tongue do the exploring. She wanted to lick him, maybe nibble him a little, too.
Emboldened by the fact he hadn’t pushed her away, her hands slipped down below the elastic waistband of his jogging pants. But then his muscles tensed, and he sucked in a sharp breath, and she realized he wasn’t wearing any underpants. She hesitated for a moment, then she let her hands move even lower and began to knead the cheeks of his ass.
She knew he was turned on, too. She could feel his erect cock pressing against her belly, but where did she go from here? Did she say, “Thanks for the cuddle,” and back off? Or did he expect her to finish what she’d started?
Just then, the sound of men’s voices came from somewhere nearby, and she felt Andy’s muscles tense.
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