Saturday, June 28, 2014


June 28, 2014:
For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from A LITTLE BIT OF COUNTRY. The story of two musicians—one who lost out on his dream through misfortune and the other who needs a little help to achieve his.
A Little Bit Of Country
by Christiane France

SBN-13: 978-1-61124-417-5 (Electronic)

When misfortune ended Max Mayler’s career as a singer, he bought The Showtime Bar, an establishment with a long history of giving aspiring artists an opportunity to showcase their talents. It’s where Max got his chance, and he wants to continue the tradition.
Jay Ferman has the exceptional voice and the sexy good looks to make it big, and although he’s been performing every Saturday night for weeks, no one pays him any attention. It could be canned music for all they seem to know or care.
Max quickly realizes the problem is Jay’s failure to truly connect with his audience. But, as Max tells one of his servers, he operates a bar and not a school for wannabees. He likes Jay, but his performance deficit is none of Max’s business.
But will Max make it his business and give Jay some much-needed advice, especially after the men connect in a very personal way?
^ ^ ^
“Jay stopped what he was doing, pulled my jeans and boxers down around my knees, then dropped his own.
“That’s better. Now, since we don’t have much time, shut up and help me out here.”
Taking my hand, he wrapped it around his own hard-on, then rested his face against my shoulder and continued stroking me. “Feels good, hmm?”
“Better ’n good.” It was a long time since I’d been with anyone. Again, my choice. Until Jay showed up, there had been no one special in my life, and I was starting to realize how much I missed the companionship and the closeness.
I closed my eyes and gave myself up to the sheer enjoyment of almost forgotten feelings as we began to give one another the release we both so desperately craved.
We tried to take it slow and easy, make it last, but there was no way we could do that. Within seconds, we were up and over the top, then we were hugging each and laughing like a couple of fools.
He hesitated, then moved in for another kiss. A kiss that was so damn deep and sweet it made my heart hurt. I didn’t regret what had just happened. But mixing business with pleasure was rarely a good idea. Maybe it was just one of those heat of the moment things that don’t happen again.
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  1. Very nice snippet. I love these type of stories. Can't wait to see if Max will help Jay can only hope. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I read this book. Great characters and a romantic ending.

  3. Catch my breath! Hope they continue to take each others' away. Good excerpt.

  4. Take my breath away, why don't cha? Good excerpt.