Wednesday, April 16, 2014

O is for Once - A to Z Blog Challenge

Day 15 is O – A-Z Blog Challenge 

O is for Once as in: 

By Christiane France
Luke Fiorelli is a member of a close-knit family living in the Italian neighborhood of a small town. The last thing he wants to do is embarrass or upset them by openly declaring his sexuality. Moving to the city isn’t an option. Partly because he owns a successful landscaping business, and partly because his family wouldn’t understand. They’d interpret it as a whim. By convincing himself that his strait-laced father would kill him if he discovered Luke was gay, and satisfying his needs with the occasional trip out of town, Luke has kept that part of his life a deep, dark secret.

Until he met handsome and openly gay Travis Barrington, III. The attraction between them is strong and instantaneous, and suddenly Luke is scrambling to invent even more excuses to keep his secret.

Travis knows all about secrets and the harm they can do. But can he convince Luke to step out into the light?

Cool mysteries and hot romance -
Latest Release: IT’S COMPLICATED 



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  1. Good for Luke. And Travis, Oh, I hope it works out for Travis! Secrets are no good, he's right.
    Silvia @