Thursday, April 10, 2014

J is for Jeopardy - A to Z Blog Challenge

Day 10 is J – A-Z Blog Challenge 

J is for Jeopardy and there’s where Toni find herself in 
By Christiane France

Toni Peters rarely takes chances or tries new things—until Jane, an old school friend who is working at a hotel in Paris, France, calls and suggests they take a month-long tour of Europe. It’s the vacation they always talked about taking but never got around to. 

Toni arrives in Paris to find Jane has quit her job and moved south to a hotel in Marseille. Toni checks all the hotels in Marseille but no Jane. When she receives an unsigned note telling her to be at an address in a neighboring town at noon the following day, she figures it’s from Jane. But when she arrives the only person in the house is a British cop. Neil knows who Jane is, but soon after he and Toni join forces to find her, Toni gets kidnapped.

Christiane France

Cool mysteries and hot romance -
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  1. A mystery within a mystery! Good choice for J today.