Monday, April 7, 2014

G is for GALLERY - A to Z Blog Challenge

Day 7 is G – A-Z Blog Challenge 

G is for Gallery as in:

By Christiane France

Martyn Cole dislikes his late uncle’s business partner, and he knows the feeling is mutual. Trouble is he wants Simon Deschamps as badly as he suspects Simon wants him. When the terms of his uncle’s Will force them to work together, Martyn knows he must either figure a way to redirect his emotions, or deal with them head on. 

After deciding on the direct approach, he calls Simon, says they need to talk, and suggests they have dinner together. However, the restaurant Martyn had in mind is closed, so Simon takes him to a nearby gay club. Martyn isn’t sure what to expect, but just as he gives up hope of the evening developing beyond dinner and a drink, things take a definite and exciting turn as the lights dim, the music is turned up, and Simon draws Martyn into his arms and onto the dance floor.

Christiane France
Cool mysteries and hot romance -
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