Friday, April 4, 2014

E is for Everlasting Love - A to Z Blog Challenge

Day 5 is E – A-Z Blog Challenge

E is for Everlasting Love like what Berto feels for Dani in:

By Christiane France

Twenty years ago, Dani was vacationing at a resort in Italy with her dad. With no other kids around her age, Dani became friends with the gardener’s son, Berto. By the time Dani had to leave, the pair were such firm friends that knowing they had to part broke their hearts. At the very last moment, as they were saying goodbye, Berto revealed his true feelings to Dani in song,   “Ciao, ciao, bambina…I love you very much, but one kiss and we must say goodbye forever.”

Fast forward to present day Las Vegas. Dani now works for her father, resuscitating failed businesses, while Berto, as Roberto Ventura, is Vegas’ latest heartthrob and singing sensation. Roberto never forgot his first love. He’s been looking for Dani ever since he came to live in the States, and when he recognizes her in the hotel lobby, he can’t wait to hold her again. But what happens when Dani fails to recognize him? 

Christiane France

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  1. Sounds like a sweet love story with a side of angst.

  2. This is a pretty compelling concept. People always imagine that someone makes a big impression on them, that true is reverse. And, it is often not like that. I'm sure everyone has that awkward moment when someone walks up and starts talking to you like their an old friend and you NO idea who they are.