Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Blues - A-Z Blog Challenge

Day 2 is B – A-Z Blog Challenge 

B is for Blues, as in:

Blues In The Night

By Christiane France

To celebrate their reunion after a six-month work-related separation, Alain and James planned to meet in Marseille, France for the perfect dream vacation. When James calls with what Alain expects to be details of his arrival time, James says he won’t be joining him. He’s met someone new.

Alain leaves the hotel, hoping the sights and sounds of the city will distract him from the shock of James’ desertion. Evening turns to night and as he continues walking, he hears music drifting up from a basement nightclub and recognizes the vocalist. It’s Kenny Dumaine, a man Alain met in his hometown a couple of years ago.

Kenny doesn’t remember him at first. Then Alain mentions something about being dumped and Kenny recalls how Alain once helped him out of a similar situation and figures he owes Alain a favor. He was attracted to Alain back then and still is, but as an entertainer and always on the move, he’s learned to keep things casual. Tomorrow night is his last performance and then he’ll be gone. Where’s the harm in offering an old acquaintance a little badly needed TLC?

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  1. Interesting. I don't read this genre, but it sounds like one filled with heart and character.

  2. I read this one. Good story, Chris! Thanks for reminding me about it.

    A to Z Blogging Challenge Participant

  3. Sounds good :-)