Friday, January 31, 2014

STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT m/m contemporary

February 1, 2014:

When I saw I needed a broken hero for this week’s MySexySaturday, I immediately thought of Blaine Tyler, so below are seven paragraphs from Strangers In The Night.  

Blaine is both broken and guilt-stricken after his lover died in an auto accident six months earlier. He knows it’s time to put the past to rest and move on, but there isn’t much chance of that happening until the night he goes into a bar to drown his sorrows and meets Adrian Rossi.   

Cool mysteries and hot romance -

By Christiane France

Blaine Tyler is a New York businessman who went to California and was seduced by the California lifestyle and a young man he met one evening on the beach. Then tragedy struck. The young man was killed in a freak accident for which Blaine feels morally responsible, and he just can’t seem to get past it. He knew Colin had a hair-trigger temper. And if he hadn’t started that argument, and if Colin hadn’t jumped into his car…

The story opens six months later when Blaine finally hits bottom. He knows he’ll never be able to move on with his life until he gets over the huge barrier of guilt and remorse he feels for Colin’s death. For a brief moment, as he runs along the dark beach with tears pouring down his face, trying to get past his pain, he even contemplates suicide. But suicide is not the answer. He knows that. He also knows that in order to heal, he must somehow find the strength to stop torturing himself over things he can’t change, and find a new direction for his life.

He (Blaine) pulled two fresh drinks from the fridge and turned quickly to find Adrian standing right behind him, blocking the way.

“Why don’t you tell me what really happened to make you drop out like this?” Adrian said quietly. “And please don’t say nothing because it’s clear to me something did. I can see it in your eyes and in your body language. I can even hear it in your voice.”

Blaine’s nerves tensed tighter than the strings of a finely tuned violin. He wanted to laugh off the other’s man comment, but he didn’t dare. He could feel the hard ball of emotion building inside him again, looking for a way to escape, and if he didn’t watch out it would turn into yet another bout of useless and embarrassing tears. He tightened his grip on their drinks. “And what is it you think you can see and hear?”

“Pain. Deep down, gut-wrenching pain.”

“Really?” Unable to meet Adrian’s penetrating gaze, he hung on to his self-control by looking away. “I thought pain was part of life. Life’s a bitch and then we die. Isn’t that what the clever people say?”

“They also say pain is good for the soul. It’s supposed to help build character, but I don’t buy that either. You?”

Blaine shrugged. “Shit happens. What can I say? But it’s nothing for you to worry about. And nothing I won’t get over, given time.”


Sunday, January 19, 2014


I live in the Niagara Peninsula, at the easterly bend of Lake Ontario. Every year on the other side of the lake places like Buffalo were buffeted with icy winds and tons of snow while our temperatures rarely dipped below freezing and the most we saw of the white stuff would be a few lake effect flurries.

That was until this year when it did a complete turnaround and we're having what the weather gurus say is the worst winter in over ten years. January 7 they say was the coldest on record with a wind chill of minus 41 Celsius.

At one time we lived in Montreal where subzero temperatures and tons of snow were the norm. Back then we didn't care about the cold. If we had to stand at a bus stop until our legs turned purple, or follow the snowplows to get where we were going it was all part of the fun. We were always going somewhere--up to the Laurentian Mountains on the weekends to try skiing, or to enjoy the apr├Ęs-ski activities at one of the many lodges. Other weekends we'd visit friends in Valleyfield on the Quebec/Ontario border and go dancing at the local bars. At the end of the night we'd always stop for a hot chicken sandwich and fries. Those things were soooo good, but in our present cholesterol/fat conscious world they've disappeared. I saw them advertised about a year ago in one of those fake old-style diners, but the bread was wrong, the sauce was canned and so, I suspect, was the chicken. I've thought about making them myself at home, they can't be that difficult, but I don't have a deep fat fryer and that's just as well, I doubt they'd taste the same anyway.

Christiane France
Cool mysteries and hot romance -

Saturday, January 18, 2014

This is the cover for my February 2014 release which is part of Amber Allure's Tasty Treats Pax and the first story in a new series - Peninsula Heights.


Pete Letouche and Mitch Ravello lusted over one another in high school, but that’s as far as it went until prom night when a couple of drinks gave them the courage to put their thoughts into action and share their first sexual experience.

With Pete’s father chief of police and Mitch’s reputed to be the local crime boss, Pete knew there could never be anything more between them than that one night.

Shortly thereafter, Pete left town. First to train as a master chef and then work at different hotels all over the country. But during that time he never quite forget Mitch and he never lost sight of his childhood dream to one day own a gourmet food shop like his grandmother’s family once had.

Ten years have passed. Pete is back and his shop is both a reality and a success. He’s on top of the world until Mitch walks into the shop and announces he’s taken over the note Pete signed for the down-payment on the building where the shop is located.

Pete knows Mitch’s father suffered a heart attack and is now in a vegetative state with no hope of recovery. What he doesn’t know is who took over Sal Ravello’s business of loan sharking and shaking down local business? His son is his obvious successor, but Mitch says not. Pete has no way of knowing if Mitch is telling the truth and to make matters worse the feelings they once had for one another are still alive and well. Pete figures the feelings amount to nothing more than warmed over old memories. But when Mitch invites him to dinner at his place, Pete decides to go. A private, face to face meeting could be the perfect opportunity to find out about the present and put the past to rest. 

Cool mysteries and hot romance -

Friday, January 10, 2014

January 11, 2014:

For this week’s MySexySaturday, I have seven paragraphs from ANYTHING YOU CAN DO. Devon and Julian haven’t seen each other for years. Could this finally be the right time for the two of them? The feelings are still there, but maybe feelings are just not enough. 

Cool mysteries and hot romance -


Anything You Can Do
by Christiane France

ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-297-3 (Electronic)

As teenagers, Devon and Julian denied their feelings for one another and avoided scandal by becoming fierce competitors and sworn enemies, even engaging in physical fights on occasion. After finishing school, Devon went to live and work in New York. Julian took his dreams of becoming a movie star to California and disappeared from view.

Now, years later, they’re both back home in Bayview and those old feelings are still very much alive and well. But Devon needs to focus all his efforts on bringing his family’s beach resort back to life. Julian has to decide what to do with his late grandfather’s house. Should he turn it into a B&B, or should he sell the property and move on?

It wasn’t the right time for them when they were in high school, and now, with problems to solve and decisions to make, the timing seems no better...



I forced a smile. “I wouldn’t say that. If we take out the hope factor, then we’ll have to stop dreaming and get real. Right?”

“You really think so?”

“No.” I felt ten times more miserable than I had two seconds ago. “If I thought it would help, I’d say let’s find someplace private and get it on. But we both know, with the way things are right now, it would only make it worse. Your life is too unsettled. You have decisions to make, the kind that don’t happen overnight. A few weeks from now, depending on what you decide, you could be miles away. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I won’t settle for scraps or ask for promises you’re not able to give. I want it all, babe. The two of us together forever. If I can’t have that, then forget it.”

Before I could stop him, Julian moved in even closer. He took my hand and pressed it against his cock. He was every bit as aroused as I was, and I wondered why he was doing this. Showing me what I was missing? Trying to convince me to grab what we wanted while we could?

The next thing I knew, his arms were around me, holding me tight. His velvety soft lips touched mine, and a shiver ran through my body. Emotion tightened my throat. I smelled his scent; I felt the thud of his heartbeat and the wetness of our tears against my cheek. Suddenly, I understood. Maybe one day we’d get lucky and have it all. Maybe all we’d ever have was this one special moment—a simple declaration of love that needed no words.

I have no idea how long we stood there, locked in each other’s arms. And I have no idea what made us finally step apart. I only know whoever said it was better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, must have been where I was at this exact moment at least once in his life.

If this was goodbye, and I had a feeling it was, I’d just have to put him out of my mind and move on.