Friday, December 13, 2013


December 14, 2013:

For MySexySaturday this week, I have seven paragraphs from SOME PLACE ONLY WE KNOW. If Adam and Domenic had never met they would probably have remained forever locked in the closet. But they did meet and when that happened they both wanted to tell the world. The only problem was Domenic’s family and whether or not Domenic could find the courage to forget his family’s outdated ideas and put his and Adam’s happiness first.


Cool mysteries and hot romance -

Some Place Only We Know
by Christiane France

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-450-1 (Electronic)


Adam Carstairs and Domenic Morton are both trapped in the closet. Adam because he’s never found the courage to do more than wonder whether or not he’s gay, and Domenic because he fears being disowned by his family.

The pair first meet at a local hospital where Adam is a volunteer, and Domenic is visiting his older brother who has been badly injured in an auto accident. The day Domenic learns his brother is unlikely to recover, he and Adam go for a walk on the Niagara Escarpment. The weather closes in and when they’re caught in a freak snowstorm, they shelter in an abandoned cottage where they take the opportunity to explore their feelings for one another. However, when Adam awakens the following morning to find Domenic gone and a note about Domenic’s brother having taken a turn for the worse, Adam figures Domenic used his brother’s condition as an excuse to disappear. Adam feels used and abused and hopes never to see Domenic again. But when Domenic turns up at Adam’s bookstore and explains what happened, can the men pick up where they left off?


Adam tossed him one of the blankets, and turned back to pick up the other for himself. “If I we had some logs and a lighter, I’d cross my fingers the chimney is in working condition and start a fire. But we don’t, so we’ll have to make do with these.”

          “How about a little body heat instead, bro?”

          Domenic’s hands slipped around Adam’s waist from behind, pulling Adam against his hard body. Adam first reaction was to simply freeze. Instead, he closed his eyes and kept perfectly still, almost afraid to breathe. However, Domenic did nothing more than just hold him and, after a moment or two, Adam started to relax.

          How long they stood there like that, Adam didn’t know. He felt warm and secure, content to spend forever inside a magical moment that had never before existed beyond the bounds of his imagination. When he finally opened his eyes, the room was in virtual darkness. All he could hear was the soft tenor of Domenic’s breathing. All he could feel or think about was the heat of Domenic’s body. And all he could see beyond the cottage was a world full of whirling, white snowflakes.

          He wanted so much to say or do something to let Domenic know this what he wanted, that this what he’d been waiting a lifetime to experience, but he remained where he was, silent and unmoving, reluctant to do anything for fear of breaking the spell. But then Domenic took the initiative, turning him around until they were face to face, and he felt the soft touch of the other man’s lips against his own.

          He could smell Domenic’s own special scent--a strange mixture of toothpaste, coffee, the fabric softener from his clothing, male sweat and sex. Scents that managed to combine and blot out the unused, musty aroma of the abandoned cottage and its decrepit furnishings; scents that transported him to another world while indelibly imprinting themselves in the furthermost corners of his mind. This was who he was. And this was the first step on a journey he’d been so afraid of taking, until now.

          The tip of Domenic’s tongue found its way between his slightly parted lips, and he welcomed the intrusion, opening his mouth to experience what he’d only read and dreamed about in the privacy of his room. Adam knew this first kiss was supposed to be something special, and it was all that and more. He’d been aware of Domenic from the first time they met, except what he’d felt back then wasn’t even lukewarm to what he was feeling now. From the instant Domenic touched him and his whisker-rough cheek brushed against the sensitive skin of his neck, those initial feelings had intensified ten-fold, rushing through his body like a fast-acting drug. Now, as their tongues tangled and the evidence of Domenic’s arousal pressed hard against his own, his body was on fire with needs that turned his blood to fire and his thoughts to a raging inferno of questions only Domenic could answer.