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Five hot m/m tales featuring the man of my dreams from five best-selling authors.

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SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE - m/m contemporary adult R


Simply Irresistible
by Christiane France

ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-474-8 (Electronic)

When Cal and Rob first met, they were star-struck, wet-behind-the-ears teenagers who thought all it took to make it in Hollywood was a great body and good looks. Cal eventually gave up the dream and became a reporter for an entertainment magazine, while Rob went on to become a major motion picture star.

Over the next few years, they broke up and got back together a dozen or more times. Then Rob hit a bad patch when Cal caught him with another man and kicked him out. Now, almost two years have passed without a word. Cal has no idea if Rob is even dead or alive, until Rob calls Cal’s boss out of the blue and offers to do an interview—on condition that Cal flies to England where Rob is living so they can talk face-to-face.

Because of their personal history, Cal knows he’s the best person to interview Rob, and so does his boss. But since Cal is still in love with the man, will the trip to London result in even more heartbreak?

NOTE: This story is part of the London Calling series.

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / The Arts / Series
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (19k words)

Read a short excerpt...

...My back was to the door, and I didn’t hear it open. The only the warning I received of Rob’s presence was a whiff of his signature cologne. I turned to find him standing less than a foot away. I had no idea how long he’d been there.

He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and I noticed he’d put on weight since the last time I saw him. Back then, he was thin as a rail, so the extra pounds were a big improvement. Apart from a few strands of silver in his otherwise dark brown hair, he looked pretty much the way he had before he’d started drinking liquor out of the bottle instead of a glass. For that I was glad.


We both said it at the same time, then laughed. In spite of everything and my determination to keep my distance, I hoped he’d close the gap, take me in his arms and hug me as long and as hard as I wanted to hug him. I couldn’t believe it didn’t happen, and I didn’t understand why.

What was he waiting for? Rob and I were soul mates; two halves of a whole.

A tic started in my neck. My chest felt tight, I was having trouble with my breathing, and my cock was making its wants known by pressing hard against the zipper of my pants. This was ridiculous. The feelings were still there between us as hot and as strong as the day we first met. No matter what had happened in the past, or what promises I’d made about not getting involved again, I knew it wouldn’t take long before we forgot the unimportant things. We still wanted one another. No matter how we might pretend otherwise, it was as simple as that. We wanted to rip off our clothes, jump into the nearest bed and fuck our brains out.

At least that’s what I thought, until I noticed the tight, humorless smile on Rob’s face. The smile that said hell would freeze over before anything like that happened between us.

Then I remembered this was business. I was here in my professional capacity and at his insistence. If he’d brought me here for any reason other than the interview, it would be up to him to make the first move. And that showed no sign of happening any time soon.

My joy at seeing him again and every emotion I’d felt dissipated, fast. I should have expected something like this. It was almost two years since we’d split for good, and life moved on. His certainly had. He was back in England, living what appeared to be a very nice life in a better than average house. At a guess, I’d say he’d found someone new. He’d never liked living alone. But whatever! His personal life was no longer my concern.

I watched as he trailed a finger along the edge of the library table and wondered what he was thinking.

“So, when did you arrive? I expected you this morning.” His tone was cool, polite, and slightly chiding, like a doctor or a teacher letting you know you’d failed them in some way.

I explained about the unexpected length of the stopover in New York and then sleeping in until noon. I didn’t feel like apologizing, so I didn’t. None of it was my fault.

“Well, at least you’re here now.”

Rob hesitated, as if he didn’t know what to say next. Our final parting had been far from amicable. Things had been said that weren’t easily forgotten. In spite of that and the fact I was here on assignment and not as a friend, a brief hug would have cleared the air a little. But the moment had passed, and it was too late for that now.

“It’s nice to see you, Cal. I appreciate you coming over. How have you been? Well, I trust.”

I took a mental and then a physical step back. I hadn’t expected this to be easy. I knew meeting again was bound to feel a little awkward, maybe even downright difficult. If Rob thought we could avoid all that by keeping things formal, I wasn’t about to argue. Going by our history it was probably for the best...

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A LITTLE BIT OF COUNTRY - m/m contemporary adult R

A Little Bit Of Country
by Christiane France

SBN-13: 978-1-61124-417-5 (Electronic)

When misfortune ended Max Mayler’s career as a singer, he bought The Showtime Bar, an establishment with a long history of giving aspiring artists an opportunity to showcase their talents. It’s where Max got his chance, and he wants to continue the tradition.
Jay Ferman has the exceptional voice and the sexy good looks to make it big, and although he’s been performing every Saturday night for weeks, no one pays him any attention. It could be canned music for all they seem to know or care.
Max quickly realizes the problem is Jay’s failure to truly connect with his audience. But, as Max tells one of his servers, he operates a bar and not a school for wannabees. He likes Jay, but his performance deficit is none of Max’s business.
But will Max make it his business and give Jay some much-needed advice, especially after the men connect in a very personal way?
...The song ended and, as the last notes of the music faded away, the singer hesitated for a moment before he moved away from the piano. If anyone in the crowded bar noticed the skillful rearrangement of the popular ballad or the husky quality of his beautiful voice, they gave no sign.
My throat tightened with emotion while I watched him smooth a hand over his dark hair, pick up his jacket and step down from the stage. I knew he was hurt by the lack of audience response. It showed in his expressive blue eyes and the droop of his shoulders and also in each and every movement of his slim body. It was threatening to become a fucking Saturday night ritual. Jay Ferman sang; no one paid a scrap of attention. It could have been canned music for all they knew or cared.
I wanted to go over there and hug him hard. I wanted to tell him not to give up; that success rarely happened overnight. That sometimes it took years. He had to be patient. Work on his craft, give it time, and when he least it expected it, one of the talent scouts who dropped in from time to time would realize his potential and offer him that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
He reached over the bar and shook my hand as he passed by on his way out. “’Night, Max. Thanks.”
“’Night, Jay. My pleasure. See you again next week?”
“For sure.”
His smile couldn’t have been brighter and he couldn’t have looked any happier if he’d stepped off the stage to thunderous applause, but I knew it was all show. Despite the bravado, the disappointment was there in his eyes for anyone who cared to look. And the reason he kept coming week after week was simple—he wanted to succeed. The reason I kept encouraging him was even simpler—I’d been there. Like Jay, I’d walked that lonely road for a long time. I knew all about the big dreams and the high hopes, the constant fear that I didn’t quite measure up, and then the indescribable thrill of knowing I’d finally made it. Maybe Jay would eventually get there and maybe not, but it was his dream and he wouldn’t thank me for interfering.
“Have a good week, Jay.”
“Yeah, you, too, Max.”
What Jay Ferman needed was— I warned myself to stop right there. What Jay needed was none of my business.
Unlike Jay, I’d been lucky enough to have the kind of help I’d needed to get where I wanted to go. And if I really cared about the guy I’d tell him the truth—that the scouts who trolled the bars and clubs looking for new acts wanted more than a good voice. They wanted the complete package—mind-blowing talent, good looks, the right clothes, a professional presentation, and the confidence to capture attention. The kind of star quality that would draw an audience in and make it forget about everything but the moment, the music and the man in the spotlight. What the scouts didn’t do was waste time on someone who kept his head down and blended into the background like elevator music.
The truth was, I did care for the guy, more than I wanted to admit even to myself. As he headed for the exit, I wondered if anyone had ever told him where he was going wrong. If they had, he hadn’t listened. The man had talent to spare and the kind of good looks a male model would envy. But he had no charisma, no stage presence, and unless he learned how to project and make contact with his audience, he was wasting his time.
Needing an outlet for my frustrations, I picked up a damp cloth and began cleaning the bar, rubbing at marks that had been there for years and I didn’t stand a chance of removing. Poor guy just didn’t have a clue...
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Getting Real
by Christiane France

ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-401-4 (Electronic)
For TJ Delaney and Cole Labelle, it’s time to turn their lives around and get real.
TJ needs to exchange his playboy lifestyle for a job and prove he’s a responsible adult rather than a spoiled, rich brat.
Cole needs to free himself of his family’s control and their paranoid fears by proving being gay like his father is the only thing he and the man who gave him life have in common. And that by being openly gay he won’t cause them public embarrassment as his father did.
...Talking with Maggie had renewed my excitement about being entrusted with a job of this importance. So what if it wasn’t rocket science and I didn’t need to wear a three-piece suit or take clients to lunch? I was doing something I loved, and I made a silent promise not to do anything that might make Maggie regret taking me on.
Between deciding what to put where and checking with Kreber’s on availability, the rest of the week passed in a flash. I hadn’t seen Cole since the night I ran into him in the Falls. If he regretted our conversation and was avoiding me, fine. I might not agree with his reasons, but it was his life and his decision.
Friday morning, Maggie called to say she’d be over around ten. About a quarter to the hour, I heard a tap-tap on the door. Figuring she was early, I yelled, “Come on in. It’s open,” only to look up and find Cole standing there, looking smart and delicious in a charcoal suit, pale blue shirt and patterned tie.
“You doing anything for lunch today?” he asked.
“No. Why?” If I sounded suspicious, I was. “I thought—”
“I know. The thing is I’ve been thinking, so hear me out, okay?”
He shuffled his feet, as if he were nervous about something. Then he smiled, a shy, tentative smile that once again made me want to rush right over and give him a hug. Again, I resisted.
“After I left the club the other night, I drove around for a while and thought really hard about what you’d said. You were right. I knew my family was scared I’d do something to embarrass them, and I took the easy way out by going along with it. I figured it was only temporary and that once Carla came home… Then I recalled you saying what if she doesn’t? That was something I hadn’t even considered.”
“So? You come to any conclusions?”
“That Carla has a life to live same as me. You were also right when you said I needed to forget about my family and concentrate on my own life. So that’s what I’m trying to do. If someone has a problem with us having lunch together that’s too bad. ”
“Okay, but one small step at a time, huh?”
Before Cole could reply, the phone rang, and I picked up.
“Hi, TJ. It’s me, Maggie. I’m afraid there’s been a slight change of plan. I can’t get there until sometime between noon and one. Is that okay with you?”
“It’s fine. See you then.”
I replaced the receiver with a sigh and looked at Cole. “How about a rain check for lunch?”
“That was Maggie. She was supposed to be here at ten to finalize our order for the plants. Now she says she can’t make it until noontime. I’m sorry.”
“Hey, the job comes first.” He reached out and briefly touched my shoulder. “You want to go for a drink later?”
“You mean here in town, after work?”
“Why not?”
“I think you need to slow down. Lunch is one thing, Cole. You hired The Birds to supply the plants for the building, so it could even be explained as a working lunch. What you’re suggesting is something else. It’s like a date. It’s like making a major statement to the entire world. What if someone sees us and your family finds out?” I couldn’t believe I’d just said that, but I wanted Cole to step back and think what could happen.
“I’ve thought about that, too. If I lose my job and my mom wants me to move out, that will be their decision. This one is mine. If I’m to have the kind of life I want, I can’t keep putting it off. I have to start somewhere, and this is it, TJ. With you at my back, I’m ready to take this first step. We can have a drink or two, and hang for a bit. Maybe later go get something to eat. You cool with that?”
I high-fived him, swallowed the sudden surge of emotion that made my chest tight and my eyes blurry and finally gave him a hug. He smelled delicious and his body was hard and sweet as rock candy just waiting to melt and mold against mine. He started hugging me back, so I cut it short before nature took us in the direction I knew we both wanted to go. “You betcha, babe! Although, there are a couple of things you should know. Like you, I live at home, and right now I don’t have wheels...”
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RAINDROPS AND ROSES - m/m contemporary adult R

I was born in London, England, and while I often thought about setting a story
there it never happened. But with so much focus on Britain lately it gave me the
idea for a series--London Calling. Raindrops And Roses is the first in the
series. The next two books in the series are SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE (to be released
Aug.18 as part of the Dream Man Pax) is one of those "hopelessly in love with the
wrong guy" stories. And then ONE PERFECT NIGHT (to be included in the All Aboard
Pax later this year) is about two men who met at a train station, had a brief,
one-night affair, then years later meet again by chance. The last book in the
series is A HAPPY CHRISTMAS ENDING, the sequel to Raindrops And Roses, and will
be released probably in late November.


Raindrops And Roses
by Christiane France

ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-356-7 (Electronic)


The day before Drew McEvoy is to fly home, following a temporary work assignment in London, he trips going down the stairs to a teashop and is saved from injury by the quick thinking of Englishman Michael Dawson. Michael can see Drew is a little shaken up by the incident, so invites him to sit at his table to catch his breath and offers to buy him a cup of tea.

The chemistry is there from the word "go." Drew doesn’t know if it’s a momentary thing, or if it could turn into something more, but there’s not enough time for him to find out. All he can do is hold onto the moment and stretch it out to the very last drop.

But Michael surprises Drew by inviting him to have a drink at his flat and then go for dinner. Drew knows the most they can have is a few hours, that this time tomorrow they’ll be thousands of miles apart. Should he risk spoiling their brief time together by telling Michael that? Or would it be better to keep his mouth shut? After all, they’re just ships passing in the night, right?

NOTE: This story is part of the London Calling series.


…I don’t believe in insta-love or what some call love at first sight. But sometimes the chemistry between two people is so strong and so compelling it’s overwhelming. A time when normal commonsense takes a vacation and anything approaching rational thinking goes along with it for the ride.

For me, this was one of those times. And I knew he felt it, too. That’s why we continued to sit here, staring at one another like we were under a spell or something.

“Can I buy you a cup of tea?” he asked.

“Umm…” I tried to break eye contact and failed. I knew I was in trouble. If I had any sense, I’d make up an excuse and go, now, while I still had the chance. And do what? Wonder what if, wish I’d acted differently and then come back in the hope he was still here?

The waitress placed a pot of tea and a bowl of soup in front of Michael. “Your sandwich will be up in a minute,” she said before turning to me. “And what can I get for you, sir?”

“I…er…I don’t know. I…” I glanced around for inspiration, a menu, wishing I didn’t feel so unsure, so vulnerable, so completely unlike my normal self. I gripped the edge of the table in an effort to get my thoughts back on track. I don’t do flustered. I’m the calm, cool, collected type. The guy people turn to when things get out of hand and panic sets in.

“Bring him the same as what I’m having,” Michael interjected smoothly. “Thanks, Sara.”

The waitress left, and he reached under the table and laid a hand on my knee. “Are you alright?”

“I’m okay.” I forced a grin. “Just a tad discombobulated, as they say…” 

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